My Platform:
Three Fundamental Pillars


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A Windsor That Works for Everyone

  • Optimized systems and services - public transit, road repair, and a bikeable, walkable city
  • A focus on creating safe and bright alleyways, opening new space for arts, culture and community to thrive in Ward 5
  • Sewer enhancements and climate change strategies.
  • A fully integrated Child Poverty Action Plan, with innovative and cost-effective supports to help families thrive.
  • Strong advocacy for even distribution of city resources
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Prioritization of community and mental health
  • A new central library with smart social infrastructure.
  • The creation of incentives to create more affordable and rental housing in Ward 5 and beyond.
  • Advocate and supporter of changes to existing mega-hospital plan, keep emergency services in the core.

Business and Employee Friendly Policy

  • Educational programs that help our workforce adapt to the future and grow their abilities
  • Traffic Calming Measures in Ward 5 to aid in neighbourhood revitalization and rejuvenation
  • Streamlined permitting and approval processes, white glove treatment for business expansion and growth.
  • Brick and mortar favourable policy that encourages new entrepreneurs to invest where they live
  • Enhanced Ward 5 CIP (Community Improvement Plans)
  • Promotion of a diverse economy.
  • Smart investment tied to clearly defined outcomes
  • Arts and Culture policy upgrades for a more vibrant city
  • Strengthening partnerships with industry to ensure long-term prosperity.
  • Sustainable development practices with a focus on what we're creating for future generations 

A Transparent and Accountable City Hall

  • Approachable, open door policy and effective communication
  • Innovative use of technology to increase constituent engagement (online polls, newsletters, data sharing)
  • Full support for an auditor general
  • A voting record that will be published online
  • A well-defined line between tax dollars in, and value out